AKRacing Vs DXRacer Vs Vertagear Gaming Chairs Reviews 2019

Since the chairs were invented, people can sit quietly on this object to rest their legs, feet, and back while having a coffee, watching television, among other things, instead of on the floor or another uncomfortable place. People playing games too and that’s the reason we are here with AKRacing Vs DXRacer Vs Vertagear and give your complete reviews on it.

The chairs can be used for many purposes, although the objective is to sit, there are chairs for the dining room, for the living room, the rooms, the garage, among others. This allows the market to find a variety of models, colors, sizes and even for the place where it will be used.

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AKRacing Vs DXRacer Vs Vertagear Gaming Chairs Reviews 2019

The material with which the chairs are made, significantly determines their comfort, can be entirely made of wood, iron, plastic or include cushions to provide a little more comfort. They may or may not have arms as the back.

Creativity in the industry has no limits, and many of these chairs also include wheels, a dynamic way for the user to move easily without the need to walk. Although it seems like something fun, it really is very useful.

Usually, this type of chairs are seen in office work next to a desk, the reason is simple, allows workers to take objects out of reach or move from one place to another without the need to get up. They are quite comfortable, there are many models, sizes and shapes in the base and number of wheels. See our comparison on SanDisk Extreme Vs Extreme Pro and reviews.

It is important that the chairs that we choose when we dedicate ourselves to long working hours or when we enjoy video games have a good design that adapts easily to the body.

Comfort is important because although some promise good posture, they are not ergonomic enough and cause discomfort, numbness, and pain in the neck, back and hips.

As an alternative, many recognized brands have brought to the market, gamer’s chairs that promise to give the body all the support, comfort and convenience you need when you spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

An ergonomic chair can represent an economic saving, we would be favoring our back and spine and we would delay the problems in the neck if we always maintain a good posture at work or during long hours of play.

An ergonomic chair not only helps us maintain good posture but also gives us all the necessary comfort without causing damage, consequences and long-term pain in our back, spine, and neck.

However, its indisputable success and comfort allow many people, even if they are not fans of the games, to buy one to have at home or in their office. It helps the body maintain a proper posture and its padding helps to release all tension and stress.

If at any time you have asked yourself what they are called or how you can get it, there are too many brands in the market, they all promise to benefit your spine and back and give your body more comfort while resting your feet. However, it is a matter of comparing the virtues and advantages of for example the brands of AKRacing vs DXRacer.

Their designs, technical characteristics, colors and models and affordable prices in the market, makes anyone get one without having to invest too much money. Enjoying a good experience in video games or working for many hours will no longer be a problem when we have an ergonomic chair.

AKRacing Gaming Chairs Reviews of 2019 – AKRacing K-7 Series

AKRacing Gaming Chairs ReviewsThis company belongs to the group of brands that bring to the market chairs for the gamer. They are products of excellent quality, have innovative designs, have many features and are ergonomic and has a wide range of models in the industry.

The AKRacing chair designs feature high-tech functionalities, which allow them to adapt easily to the body, helping to maintain a proper posture for long hours. This brand has ties with eSports teams such as Team Astralis.

This brand has positioned itself as the first choice of the gamer and thanks to this, its chairs are the best sellers in the industry. Its indisputable comfort allows not only video game fans to use it, but it is also ideal for those who work for many hours.

Spending a lot of time in front of the computer can cause pain in the hips, back and neck, but the designs of the chairs, besides being luxurious, has the appropriate model for the neck and back to rest properly, its support makes the body maintain a good posture.

It also has excellent quality materials that allow their exclusive designs are durable and resistant to temperatures and weather conditions although its use is excessive, which represents an advantage of AKRacing vs DXRaceru other recognized brands in the industry. Their colors can remain intact for a long time.

However, it offers a variety of models that adapt to the different demands and needs of customers. It is possible to find different colors, sizes, and designs. No matter what the customer’s expectations are, for this company it is a challenge to meet all the demands.

Why AKRacing Chairs are Best For Fortnite And Pubg Games?

The ergonomic chairs of AKRacing Brand, are designed especially to adapt to the body and force it to maintain a proper posture. Spending long hours sitting can generate pain in the back, hip, and neck if the position is not correct.

It has been developed with state-of-the-art technology and taking into account the points of support of the body so that its ergonomics is the most suitable and does not cause discomfort or numbness.

Thanks to its indisputable ergonomics, with the AKRacing chairs, players can concentrate on their games, as their padding allows all muscle tension to be released and does not cause long-term pain or discomfort in the hips, back and neck.

In addition to the video players, the models of these chairs are for anyone who wants to enjoy a good experience in complete comfort. It is very common to find these chairs in the offices.


  • Its height is adjustable.
  • The armrest adjusts easily and you can choose the position.
  • It is reclining up to 170 degrees.
  • The backrest can be folded up to the height the client decides.
  • They have great strength and are durable.
  • Your warranty in the market is 10 years.
  • Includes 2 additional pads, one for the lumbar support and one for the head.
  • Your skeleton is made of iron.
  • High quality and density foam padding.
  • Tubular steel frame and elastic straps.
  • Synthetic leather.
  • 360-degree rotating base.
  • Resistant wheels that make your movement fluid and silent.


  • They are really comfortable chairs.
  • The materials are of excellent quality.
  • They have luxury designs and finishes.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Include accessories such as cushions and gloves to assemble the chair.
  • There are a variety of models in the market.
  • Competitive prices in the market
  • It is resistant.
  • Has good lumbar support.
  • Some series support up to 150 KG.


  • Back foam rubber often deforms.
  • It can be a bit uncomfortable for bulky people

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DXRacer Gaming Chairs Reviews of 2019 – DXRacer Formula Series Fl08

DXRacer Gaming Chairs ReviewsOne of the most recognized brands worldwide, DXRacer founded in 2003, is synonymous with comfort, comfort and luxury when it comes to gamer seats. Along with the chairs is also the manufacturer of equipment for games and all the relevant accessories, quality is its main feature, in addition, the prices are quite accessible.

Video game fans often spend long hours sitting in front of a PC or console, being concentrated in a game, can cause poor posture and therefore generate pain, discomfort, and numbness in the back, hip, and neck, significantly affecting the spine.

As an initiative and solution to this problem, DXRacer has brought to the market a series of chairs for games in which customers can sit comfortably for long hours without damaging their back and without causing muscle pain in the long term.

Many brands of video games recognized as PlayStation is the sponsor of these chairs and the chain of stores GAME is one of those that have them for sale. This undoubtedly represents an advantage of DXRacer vs. Vertagearu other brands of chair sets.

Its ergonomic design is not only geared for video game enthusiasts but its indisputable comfort and convenience, allows anyone to use it. It is very common to find a DXRacer chair in an office.

Why DXRacer Chairs are Best For Fortnite And Pubg Games?

The material of these chairs can vary according to the preference of the public, there may be synthetic leather or fabric accompanied by foam rubber that provides greater comfort. It is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, its ergonomic design adapts to the shape of the body, being of support in the key points of the back, neck, and hip.

Its iron structure can support a lot of weight and are wide enough for bulky bodies. Being one of the first options in the market, it is possible to find them in any store and at very competitive prices.


  • Iron-based skeleton.
  • Contains three different materials, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride and fabric.
  • High and adjustable back.
  • Adjustable 4D armrests with which you can achieve up to 8 different positions.
  • It is tiltable up to 135 degrees. It could become a bed.
  • The wheels, base, and armrests are made of polyurethane.
  • The cushion of cold healing foam.
  • Large wheels for better mobility.
  • Equipped with a gas piston with five absorption points.
  • Adjustable lumbar pillow.
  • 360-degree rotating base.
  • Vinyl cover.


  • There are a number of models and designs in the market.
  • Has a lifetime guarantee.
  • Multifunctional mechanism.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • The neck pillow is adjustable.
  • Materials of excellent quality.
  • Double wheels.
  • Polyester coating.
  • Prices are very affordable in the market.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Includes pads as part of the accessories.
  • Maintains a good balance.
  • It is resistant and durable.
  • Innovative designs with a variety of colors.


  • The width of some chairs is
  • the seat is firm and rigid.
  • Very loud noises and creaks when the chair moves.
  • The maximum weight allowed is 100 kg depending on the model.
  • The maximum height of 1.85 meters depending on the model.

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Vertagear Gaming Chairs Reviews of 2019 – Vertagear Sl4000

It is a brand created in 2015, but despite its recent foray into the market, the group of professionals in computer engineering and gaming enthusiasts, created ergonomic chairs to provide comfort and comfort to those who spend long hours sitting in front of a computer.

The professionalism of its creators, allow these chairs to have an innovative design and high technology. The goal is that video game fans can perform better and more time in each of their games, without causing muscle pain or long-term back discomfort.

The chairs are ergonomic and allow your model to be adjustable and adapt to the body of the customers. In this way, you can maintain a good posture, the spine does not suffer damage, does not cause pain in the hips or neck and can feel more comfortable to live a good experience in the games.

The chairs have a fluid and silent movement thanks to the wheels that are also resistant, which represents a big advantage over other brands. Its padding is ideal to provide all the necessary comfort and thus release all muscle tension.

All the elements that make up this chair are ergonomic, and all play a specific role in favor of the health of the players. Although in turn, these can vary depending on the model and series of the chair.

Why Vertagear Chairs are Best For Fortnite And Pubg Games?

Being a chair designed for gamer has an exclusive design that promises to maintain a good posture in the body. Vertagear chairs are ergonomic and this allows each component to fit the back, neck, and hip.

The materials with which it is made, are resistant, of excellent quality and durable, but have enough comfort to release all muscle tension of the players. Its wheels allow easy movement without making the slightest noise.

There are several series and models in the market, their luxury designs can be a factor in consideration to look good in the room or room. Although it is very common to find a Vertagear chair in a work office.


  • High level of ergonomics.
  • It has a 4-dimensional armrest.
  • Extra-dense internal padding with HDF foam.
  • PVC leather cover in a breathable structure to maintain the temperature.
  • They maintain stability.
  • Its base is made of steel.
  • Silent and fluid wheels based on aluminum.
  • Block function in relation to displacement.
  • Class 4 adjustable height gas spring.


  • Adjustable rear mobility of 140 degrees.
  • Its height is adjustable.
  • Its backrest is adjustable.
  • They are easily assembled.
  • There are a variety of designs and models in the market.
  • Its price is low and affordable.
  • Some series, internally, are made with coffee fiber.
  • Includes accessories such as a cushion for the headrest and lumbar cushion.
  • The backrest is reclining.


  • Maximum weight of 150 kg.
  • Maximum height 130 cm.
  • Maximum width of 52 cm.
  • One year warranty.

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When we think about our comfort and take care of our health, we associate it with an investment of money. While work is important or we want to spend a lot of time enjoying a video game, we must first think of our comfort.

Although the industry has several recognized brands in the manufacture of ergonomic gamer chairs, having one at home even to watch television, can help those who have problems in the back, cervical or hip.

Fortunately, prices are not a problem, their popularity, success, and demand, has allowed industries to have products of excellent quality available to all. In addition, the different series and models is an option that we can choose at will or according to our needs.

The industry also takes into consideration the tastes and preferences of people, that is why many of these chairs, have exclusive designs, luxuries or sports that promise to look good in our room, living room or office.

It is important that before acquiring an ergonomic chair of any brand, we take into consideration its technical characteristics, and evaluate whether it meets our expectations, needs or preferences, whether in the armrest, headrest, and backrest.

Although all adjust, tilt and move with fluidity, we must take into account their capacities in terms of weight and height to avoid problems later. But without a doubt, one of its greatest advantages is the guarantee that these chairs have, to try one does not take away money but it can be a good investment.

Now you can get an ergonomic chair at home, at an affordable price that also includes accessories with your pads. Your comfort, comfort, and good design will make you enjoy a good experience.

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