Logitech G403 Vs Logitech G703 Mouse Reviews 2019

We are here to explain the differences between these two mouses. The Logitech G403 Vs Logitech G703 review will help you to find out which is the best mouse for your gaming and other purposes.

Computer games have become one of the most important attractions for all types of audiences, from the youngest in the house to adults who feel trapped by this activity, which takes them to another level of fun.

In order to complete the countless tasks and steps that make up these games, it is necessary to have good physical and mental skills, as the reflexes and the sharpness of the senses play a very important role in fulfilling the missions.

But not only the aspect concerning the player is decisive to achieve success, but it is also crucial to have a team that meets expectations and works up to the demands of the game, each of the tasks must be done quickly, very accurately and effectively to win the battle.

That is why, you should not leave aside the use of computer equipment that is updated, according to the demands of current technology and, above all, that has a mouse with all the operating specifications for a magnificent performance.

Hang on🏆Here is an analysis of the main features of the Logitech G brand mice, Logitech models G403 and G703 to thoroughly know everything they offer and the player can make a good selection according to their needs.
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Logitech G403 Mouse Review 2019

Logitech G403 Mouse ReviewAs mentioned above, the characteristics of a good mouse for games are of vital importance in the development of the activities that are carried out during the action. In this case, the specifications of the Logitech G403 external device and the advantages it offers will be analyzed.


Regarding the shape of this mouse, it can be said that it provides perfect control since it has protection on both sides of the device, which is made with a special rubber, to avoid involuntary movements of the hand.

This guarantees a complete fit and does not tend to produce fatigue or discomfort, despite the long hours that a game session can last. The ergonomic design is attractive and very simple to use.


Taking into account that it is a state-of-the-art model, the G403 mouse is wireless and provides a very fast connection speed, with 2.4 GHz you can obtain an action of 1 ms.

Logitech is a pioneer in this type of wireless connection, being awarded in many of its models like the G900 Chaos Spectrum. With this ability, the mouse G403 has become the most efficient and the one that exceeds with a good percentage of success all the challenges of the competition.

The communication that is obtained is one of the highest per second, reaching to provide 1000 signals in every second, which shows that it can establish connection up to 8 times faster than in other normal models, receiving an immediate response to trigger it.

In the aspect of precision, the mouse G403 is the most successful because it is complemented with PMW3366, which is recognized as one of the sensors for this type of devices used in games, which provides the greatest progress nowadays.

It is very accurate and offers such precision, which is the most used by the eSports expert players worldwide. It is also one of the most reliable and safe, to make plays that need to be accurate.


This model has six buttons, which can be programmed to obtain a better gaming experience. Also, it is possible to use it with the pre-established configuration, according to the needs of the player.

For those who want more results, you can use LGS (Logitech Gaming Software) to obtain a configuration with which you can achieve actions in the shortest possible time. In general, it is accurate and the answers are very precise.

It has a system that provides tension to the buttons that it has on both sides so that it can be used with a gentle pulsation, without having to use a lot of force to obtain the result.


It is a very versatile device because it adapts to all tastes. If you want a fairly light mouse, you can use it without the additional weight it brings inside. This weight is 10 g and can be extracted or included to obtain a higher load. The mouse has a full weight of 87.3 g.


It is a lighting system of the most advanced, which provides light to games with a specialized method that can achieve 16.8 million different colors. In addition, all effects are synchronized, obtaining a customized animation that can include multiple devices.


For the programming of Points by Inch, it has a system that allows changing and changing the mode in five different ways, achieving a sensitivity ranging from 200 to 12,000 dpi.

These adjustments provide accuracy in the pixels and, also, get to make sudden changes with just a click. This series of adaptations can be programmed, according to the player’s taste.


It is included in the system, it is from a profile and can be moved to any place. By storing the configuration in the mouse G403, it is possible to use it in other computers immediately, because you do not have to use software or start a new session.


The duration of the charge can reach up to 24 hours, with lighting that is previously determined. When using the mouse without lighting, the duration is extended and can be used for 32 hours.

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Logitech G703 Mouse Review 2019

Logitech G703 Mouse ReviewFor those who want to experience an extraordinary game, the Logitech G703 Mouse has been designed with an amazing response capacity and many innovative details, which will leave most players surprised and satisfied.


The G703 has a design that provides all the comfort to the player, adjusting perfectly to the shape of the hand, to perform the necessary movements without having to make a great effort.

It has a cover made of rubber, which wraps both the left and right side, which provides a secure grip and guarantees all control. It adapts like a glove to the hand and by the ergonomic design, it can be manipulated with greater ease, during many hours.


It offers the latest in wireless LIGHTSPEED technology, which gives the player a high-quality game, with freedom of movement and obtaining a speed of up to 1 ms in each of the actions.

Thanks to this speed, it is considered the best mouse to perform all kinds of competitions. The wireless connection presented by the G703 is state-of-the-art and has been optimized for the greatest enjoyment of the game.


It has high precision, thanks to the PMW3366 filter-free optical sensor, which provides the necessary accuracy on any surface. It has the option to improve it and adapt it using the alternatives of LGS (Logitech Gaming Software)


It has been integrated with the RGB LIGHTSYNC technique (Red, Green Blue) with a design that can be programmed, through six buttons. It offers the possibility to customize the functions of the mouse and adjust it to each of the user’s needs.

It has some supports made of metal, which keep the buttons located on both sides of the mouse, available to be easily pressed. This allows the player not to use much force and softens the movement.

This ingenious system allows that the tension in the buttons is minimum; obtaining that the player combines them to improve action and obtain the expected results for each activity that appears in the development of the game, with a simple click


It comes with an optional weight, which can be extracted to condition it according to the player’s preference or their requirements. The additional weight is 10 grams and is inserted into the mouse, to get a better result. The mouse has a weight of 107 grams.


It uses the RGB LIGHTSYNC system that provides the customized programming alternative and can be obtained through the Logitech Gaming Software (LGS), to adjust it to each particular style.


It offers a range of points per inch that is between 200 and 12000 dpi, which provides the player with exceptional tracking and provides amazing speed, to perform the activities related to the game.


The Logitech G703 mouse has a memory that is integrated into the device. It has the characteristic of having up to 3 storage profiles, with the purpose of saving everything necessary.


The integrated batteries offer duration of one day if used with lighting that can be determined in advance and can be modified. But if you use it without using the lighting, it can last up to 32 hours.

It has the POWERPLAY system, through which it can be charged wirelessly. This allows the player to load the mouse while continuing to play. In this way, you can play without interruptions and keep the load constantly.

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Characteristics of the Logitech Mouse (Wireless)

This pioneer in the manufacture of these devices has been proposed to improve the gaming experience and give the user the ability to achieve surprising results, thanks to the implementation of cutting-edge technology and one of the most advanced designs in the market.

Using the most modern elements such as HERO sensors, LIGHTSYNC and technological methods such as RGB designed to achieve maximum efficiency in the game; Logitech G is the undisputed leader in terms of mouse models.

It has been dedicated to the manufacture of teams that are within the parameters required by the players and the activities within the game, which have evolved every day to become a challenge to overcome.


One of the particularities of the Logitech mouse is the weight because it has the ideal conditions to give a very effective experience to the player. Many people think that the heavier it is, the better it will work, but that is not true.

On the contrary, it has been discovered that as the weight of the mouse increases, the precision will be better and more accurate moves will be obtained. With this objective, the possibility of increasing or decreasing the weight of the device has been introduced, according to the need of the player.

This option is achieved by adding or removing a series of weights that have, which are easy to extract and can give the exact weight required to move in the game, to meet all the challenges that appear accurately.

In this way, you get a fairly light mouse to perform a large variety of actions in a short time or a little heavier to achieve the greater aim and advance within the game without exposure.


Another important aspect when choosing a good mouse is the way it adapts to the hand. Keep in mind that you will spend hours sitting and manipulating the mouse, which should be as comfortable as possible to grab it.

Among the different options that are presented are the mice that offer a complete grip with the palm of the hand. This way of holding it provides greater freedom to the fingers, increasing the speed of movements. However, it is not recommended for players who are passionate about shooters.

For these players, it is more advisable the mouse that has a grip using all fingers because the hand is raised and provides excellent accuracy to play. The negative side is the tension that is created in the hand that, in the long run, can be very harmful.

A third alternative is a mouse that adapts like a claw, with a magnificent performance for accurate shots, for the curve that presents the design and provides a better position to the fingers. Although a greater effort is required to achieve the actions, it is the most effective.


They consist of the points per inch that can be covered, once the mouse moves. This aspect is crucial for the sensitivity and speed of the movements within the game. The kind of activity that develops and the efficiency that one wants to achieve will also have an influence.

Side buttons:

This detail allows the player of the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Video Games) to activate actions through the lateral keys that the mouse possesses, without losing much time, which is decisive for the victory of the group of players.

Logitech G403 Vs Logitech G703 – End Result:


Although the G403 mouse and the G703 are models made with very advanced technology and have similar characteristics, the Logitech G703’s features surpass the Logitech G403 in many ways.

Both work with the Windows 7 system, macOS 10.11 and later, as well as Chrome OS. They have a USB port and a connection available for Logitech Gaming Software.

The resistance of the buttons is greater in the G703 since it can last up to 50 million clicks, while the other model has a duration of 20 million. Also, it is the only mouse that has POWERPLAY compatibility, managing to load while it is being used.

Another outstanding aspect is the memory that is much wider. The speeds in the response, the USB data format, and the microprocessor have the same characteristics. Each one responds in 1 ms, has 16 bits/axis and 32 ARM bits.

The warranty they offer is two years of hardware. The measures of the device are equal, presenting a height of 124 mm, 68 mm wide, 43 mm deep, with a 10-gram weight that is optional.

The mouse G703 is a bit heavier, it has 107 g and the G403 has 87.3 g. In addition, they come with a cable to adapt it to the charger, which measures 1.80 m and 2.10 m, respectively. However, they can work wirelessly perfectly.

Undoubtedly, after doing this analysis, it can be concluded that the Logitech G703 mouse offers more advantages to the player, who wants to be in the game activity for long periods of time.

Thanks to the compatibility with the POWERPLAY system, which allows you to continue playing and keep the load constant on the mouse. With the LIGHTSPEED method, an optimum level of efficiency can be achieved, which is very necessary for this type of group competitions.

That is why the most experienced players put their trust in all the advantages offered by the Logitech G703 mouse, without neglecting the positive qualities of the Logitech G403 model.

With these advanced models, Logitech continues to be the leader in the technology industry and has the support of millions of players, who certify that these devices are ideal to achieve optimal results and secure victory in competitions.

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