SanDisk Extreme Vs Extreme Pro CF Memory Cards Reviews (GoPro, DSLR) 2019

A GoPro camera is an excellent tool to record video and takes pictures of excellent quality and high definition. But it is necessary to have microSD cards where all that information will be stored and to work correctly with the camera.

Although there is a variety of a microSD card in the market, capacity, quality, and speed are very important characteristics that must be taken into consideration before acquiring one. In addition, compatibility with the electronic device must be taken into account.

One of the things that determine the speed of a microSD card is the manufacturer. The brand of a product always provides all the information and characteristics of a team, and the most recognized are accredited by the quality excellence.

In the case of GoPro cameras, there are many microSD cards that are compatible with this equipment, however, the most recognized brand in the market for its speed, capacity, and quality, is the SanDisk, although this also has variants each with different characteristics.

Memorable moments of great value deserve to be captured to remember them, but it is necessary to have a good team that can provide the clearest images or videos that can be reproduced in high definition and photography is not distorted.

The GoPro video cameras are versatile, record videos, take photographs in high definition and from large angle lenses, which is why microSD cards must have the ability to store files in 4K.

People tend to capture moments of great importance to have a good memory, for this reason, it is necessary to have a storage card that can provide more capacity and thus not limited to the number of photographs, or video and of course the quality of the same.

Update - 2018.12.28A large capacity storage card is a reliable tool with which people and professionals are not limited to the number of photographs or videos, since the weight of the files is not a problem, even if it is in high definition, full HD and 4K.

It must be borne in mind that the SanDisk brand has a variety of cards on the market, each with peculiar characteristics that adapt to the demands and needs of customers. For example, one of the most recognized is the SanDisk extreme card.

SanDisk Extreme Reviews

Sandisk Extreme Memory CardThis microSD card has great 4K file storage capabilities, full HD video recordings, and high-resolution photographs. It works perfectly on smartphones and professional cameras. Its speed is impressive, with a writing capacity of 90 MB / s and reading capacity of up to 100 MB / s.

It is ideal for professional photographers who need resolution and power in their work. They have the ability to last a long time even under extreme weather conditions, designed to withstand water, X-ray proof, and shock. With this card, photography enthusiasts can capture moments with outdoor precision, travel or sporting events that involve a lot of movement.

The speed of writing and reading, allow the use of this card is an advantageous tool in the capture of high definition images, Full HD and 4K. Since it is a recognized brand in the market, it is compatible with many electronic devices and professional cameras.


The SanDisk extreme microSD storage cards are available in different storage capacities: 256 GB, 128 GB, 64 GB, and 32 GB depending on the needs or requirements of the customers.


Designed to withstand difficult temperatures, it is ideal for any professional to capture the precise moments in a video or photographs, regardless of weather conditions. It is resistant, so the blows will not be a problem, it is also waterproof, so accidents or rain will not prevent you from taking the best pictures or grabbing important moments even when the rainfall is against you.

With a SanDisk Extreme microSD memory card, you should not worry about the storage capacity, speed and quality with which you store your photos and videos, regardless of the resolution with which you take photographs, you can easily transfer them to your computer.

With a SanDisk extreme card, you can take high definition pictures at a high shooting speed; you can get fast transfers even with a 4K content. You can usually transfer up to 1000 high-resolution photos with a 4K video in less than 3 minutes.

The efficiency of these cards allows professional photographers to carry out their work, with clear images and an unparalleled shooting speed so as not to waste time, regardless of the weather or temperature.

Write and Read Speeds:

The storage cards SanDisk extreme offers a reading capacity of up to 100 MB / s. and of the writing of 90 MB / s.

Which is good for cameras? SanDisk Extreme 32gb,64gb?

Each can provide different benefits according to the capabilities of the camera. Both versions offer a reading capacity of 100 MB / s and 60 MB / s as writing capacity.

Both storage figures can vary their quality, performance, and functions depending on the host device. But they are compatible with professional GoPro cameras, although storage Gigabytes are only left to the user’s preference, their need, and requirement. However, both 32GB and 64GB cards work perfectly on any camera or electronic device, but the differences are determined solely by their storage.


  • Works perfectly on Kindle devices.
  • Excellent speed in terms of reading and writing ability.
  • Compatible with android equipment, tablets, and professional cameras.
  • It can be easily formatted.
  • Excellent capture in photographs and high definition videos.
  • Accessible prices in the market.

  • Good Rating
  • Up To 156GB
  • Able to record Full HD (1080p) and 4K Ultra HD

  • Old Version

Amazon Price

SanDisk Extreme Pro CF Reviews

Sandisk Extreme Pro CF Memory CardIt is a very promising storage card that guarantees great shooting speeds, offers high-quality high definition videos and photographs. The capacity in the transfer speed with the SanDisk extreme pro microSD is up to 160 MB / s. It is very efficient and has quite optimal performance.

Camera professionals can be sure of capturing and filming moments with great precision since their lower range of writing capacity is 65 MB / s. the videos with this card are in high definition, resolution, in 4k and full HD.

The largest storage capacity is 256 GB. It is specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, so climatic conditions will not be a problem when capturing an image, it is resistant and supports bumps and falls. It is the only card in the world, capable of supporting VPG-65. Speed, capacity, and quality are three qualities that give good credit to this card in the market


The SanDisk extreme pro microSD storage cards are available in different storage capacities: 256 GB, 128 GB, 64 GB, 32 GB, and 16 GB depending on the needs or requirements of the customers.


The leading card in the industry that allows professionals in photography, capture images and videos with great precision, excellent quality and storage capacity for formats in high definition, full HD and 4K.

Thanks to its great resistance, it can be used regardless of weather conditions and extreme temperatures, it is resistant to water, and it supports shock and falls of great height.

All the necessary features to take pictures and record clear professional videos is in this tiny card, so you will not have the worry of your storage space or the weight of the photographs or videos since there are different presentations in the market that adapt to the needs or demands of customers.

If what you are looking for is a cinematic experience, this storage card can provide you with all the quality, precision and sharpness in the images you need for a photograph or video similar to the cinema. You can get uninterrupted recordings in 4K and full HD very easily.

Write and Read Speeds:

The SanDisk extreme pro microSD card has a writing capacity of up to 140 MB / s and reads 160 MB / s. although it is also necessary to highlight its VPG-65 video speed.

Which is good for cameras? Extreme Pro CF 32gb,64gb?

These cards are characterized by quality, high performance, and reliability. They are compatible with many electronic devices, from smartphones to GoPro cameras. However, the variety of storage capacity tends to question which is the best option.

The writing speed in both versions is 160 MB / s, while the writing capacity can reach up to 150 MB / s, does not alter the functions and performances and remains resistant to shocks, drops and extreme temperatures.

Therefore, if it is 32 GB or 64 GB, it is only left to the client’s preference according to their needs, demands or capabilities of the team.


  • Compatible with cannon XF100 devices, GoPro cameras, 7D, 1D Mark III, among others.
  • Allows multiple shots at high speed.
  • It can be easily formatted.
  • High resolution.
  • Great storage capacities.
  • High precision in capturing images for photographs and videos.

  • Good Rating
  • Hight Speed
  • Able to record Full HD (1080p) and 4K Ultra HD

  • Only 32GB

Amazon Price

SanDisk Extreme Memory Cards For Dash Cam

The dash cam is an excellent alternative to record everything that happens on the road from the moment a driver puts his car in motion. Consider having one, it is important if we want to capture everything that happens on the road.

But for this, it is necessary to have a microSD card with great capacity and qualities that make the capture of images can be carried out with great precision and that its storage capacity is not a problem nor is it limited by the characteristics of the camera.

SanDisk microSD cards are characterized by the speed of their writing of 90 MB / s and 100 MB / s of reading. It is also perfect because it is quite resistant to shock, extreme temperatures, waterproof and supports X-rays.

A SanDisk storage card is the best choice when it comes to Dash Cam to record moments with high definition and precision, even more, when the vehicle is in motion.

With a SanDisk microSD card in your dash cam, you can record long trips in a walk, an adventure or just as a precaution, without worrying about the quality of the video or the storage capacity. Well with this card, you will add many additional benefits to your dash cam.

SanDisk Extreme Memory Card For GoPro

Memory Card for Dash CamA camera as versatile and professional as the GoPro should be accompanied by a good memory card that complements its capabilities, strength and above all in the quality of photographs and videos.

The storage cards of SanDisk Extreme promise a speed in the writing and reading and thus promote the capture of images and videos with greater precision, which makes a GoPro camera can achieve images and videos with a cinematographic quality.

With a SanDisk extreme card, you can provide your GoPro camera with greater storage capacity regardless of the quality of the content, faster-shooting speed to capture precise moments and images even when on the move and help you capture high-quality images and videos. definition, full HD and 4K.

It is ideal for photographers who want to remember moments of adventure, who prefer to capture certain movements at sporting events or simply take pictures and record videos under certain weather conditions, as this card is resistant to any temperature, supports water, cold, falls of great height and blows.

SanDisk Extreme Memory Card For 4k, DSLR

SanDisk Extreme Memory Card For GoProSanDisk cards are an excellent opportunity when it comes to quality, this brand is recognized worldwide because of the many benefits it brings to professionals in photography and cameras in terms of quality, shooting speed and storage capabilities.

It is compatible with hundreds of models, the DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) for its part is one of the most traditional professional cameras that has come on the market, has a single lens and an impressive battery life.

With the help of a SanDisk extreme, photographers can add many advantages to traditional DSLR cameras, adding improvements in the quality of photographs and videos with greater precision and sharpness in the images.

With the speed of writing and reading, professional photographers can capture precise moments in high definition, full HD and 4k in photos and videos. The storage capacities of these cards may vary, but DSLR cameras can support more capacity than it does at the factory.

Although these cameras have lost popularity, they can get clear images and videos and with a SanDisk Extreme microSD card, you can increase the speed of the shot.


Those who live from photography know that it is not only important to have a camera that has good characteristics, although, in the market, these devices are always being innovated, their capacities are still limited or do not fully meet expectations.

The initiative to add a greater proportion, capacity, and speed in a small card, seems to be a good alternative, especially when we do not have a good budget. However, these cards also have some particular characteristics.

It is important that professionals and photo enthusiasts know how to choose the storage card based on their requirements. There is no doubt that the SanDisk brand is a leader in the industry and has provided these teams with key qualities to achieve high-quality videos and photographs.

Most important of all, it is at least compatible with hundreds of devices, whether smartphones, tablets, laptops and cameras, there are no limits if we want to add more power and offer better experiences in capturing an image in high definition.

With a SanDisk microSD card, photography enthusiasts will be able to capture special moments regardless of weather conditions or rainfall, as it is specially designed to withstand heat, cold, waterproof and withstand high falls.

Although its biggest advantage is that it is not only aimed at professional photographers, but anyone can add more power to your camera or phone and get images and videos with a cinematographic quality to remember your whole life.

Whether you want to add only 16 GB to your professional camera or electronic device or be more ambitious, you can get a variety of options in the storage capacity that best suits your needs and demands.

A SanDisk card can make a lot of difference when it comes to quality, capacity, accuracy and shooting speed. The best photographs in the whole world have part of the credit thanks to this recognized brand, because it promises to make of a situation, a memorable moment in your graduation, wedding or family time.

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