TCL 75C807 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV Review

TCL 75C807 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV Review

One of the audiovisual surprises of the year is delivered by the TCL model 75C807, the new flat-screen TV which has image quality, performance, design and a structure that perfectly combines the price-characteristics-guarantee.

TCL 75C807 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV Review 2019

This model is the right choice for those looking for the best in 55-inch flat-screen TVs, which debuts after the TLC C807 series positioned the brand and assembled a whole portfolio of customers on and off the web. Although discuss more things about this LED TV.

Throughout this TCL 75C807 review, the most prominent features that make this electronic the perfect screen when looking for cutting-edge technology and Roku TV will be evaluated.

Features & Performance

As one of the strongest companies when it comes to electronics/appliances, the latest from TLC promises to continue the good run that the brand maintains to date, thanks to technical work and its affordable catalog for customers.

In the case of the 75C807 model, there are certain qualities that, for better or worse, place this TV in shopping trends, regardless of the season or requirement of its consumers.

Design and Build Quality

Many buyers agree that serial C of TLC TVs corresponds to the most elegant ones that have been seen in the last decade.

It is about its 0.3-inch polished metal-based bezels, which cover the upper end and the sides, the dark 2.4-inch support or its louver for speakers, this model expresses to the four winds what it represents: Quality and modernity.

On the other hand, the equipment is armed with two 8-watt sound controllers that, along with other technical details, are highlighted by assimilating to an individual soundbar: appreciable, powerful and suitable for open or closed spaces.

A vitally important feature for customers is the connection system, mostly represented by wiring. Thus, each of these inputs corresponds to those typical of ultra-modern, flat-screen TVs within the “TVSmart”.

In the case of the TCL 75C807 model, the ports are oriented towards the right side of the screen, in a specific and easy to identify section. The equipment includes three inputs for the HDMI cables, a hole for the USB connections, another for the Ethernet cable, the section for the antennas and subscription channel cables and a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable port.

Given the current notion with which this television was manufactured, the inputs to composite devices can become more complicated. However, as far as design is concerned, everything is located on the right, lower and upper parts.

Roku TV and Remote Control

Logically, when unpacking the TV, the most pressing accessory will be the remote control. To continue with this review TCL 75C807, just say one thing: this device not only includes it but also attracts attention for having manufactured an improved remote, known as Roku TV.

This class of remote controls had already been used by TCL in 55P607 models and, according to their own specifications; it is “a candy bar that tends to users an important navigation panel that is complemented with actions as typical and insignificant as Playback controls and menu.

As this copy of TCL belongs to the TVSmart range, it was expected that its functions included access to the mainstreaming players and, indeed, with the remote control it is possible to connect to Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and Starz, as long as User accounts are activated.

What does this mean? Some customers, when taking over the equipment, have the false belief that these services are a plus for buying a TV. Unfortunately, this situation is supremely far from reality, allowing chains to only sell coupons or what is known as a “gift card”.

Following the specifications of the remote, on this television, the headphone access is located on the far left. In the same way, it allows you to listen in privacy with the Roku function, which basically silences the TV and sends all the audio – even “live and direct” – through the headphones.

However, nothing demonstrates the high range of TCL 75C807 TV more than its technology. Just as it is connected to microphones that help control functions, this also works for compatibility with voice operating systems, such as Siri or Alexa from Apple.

In both cases, last-minute consultations can be made on most of the clothing associated with high-end equipment, but there are certain limitations for users – weather reports, weather records or, in a nutshell – any future event not confirmed.

Color Contrast

To move forward with this TCL 75C807, there is nothing more successful than evaluating the behavior of the device from your visual perspective. The most important but complicated at the same time.

Who knows about electronic issues, knows that the most effective way to measure color contrasts is by testing AVLab 4K DVDO pattern generators, the necessary colorimeter and special software called CaIMAN, from a common Razer Blade Pro.

Taking into account the above, this TCL model has an impressive contrast, especially to be one that enters the list of “the cheapest” of Amazon. In numbers, this TV is made of a maximum brightness of 350.38 cd / m2 and an energy space of less than 0.04 cd / m2.

In simpler words, this means that the TV contrasts without saturating; It does not fall to the extreme of the bright and iridescent or the absolute darkness. In fact, in its default mode, the screen is capable of adapting to different photographs and sharpnesses with enough automatic resolution.


Leaving cables, remotes and operating systems aside, it is wonderful to say in this TCL 75C807 review the compatibility of the equipment with high dynamic range or HDR.

What this tool does with the image is to activate an evaluation of the colors and dose them so that they look much better in the confines of the screen. Similarly, this TV supports Dolby for movies and tonal fluctuations between standard, vivid and luminescent that is featured on most of this equipment.

The fact of having compatibility and receptivity of the color in such overwhelming levels is a success from the point of view of the sharpness and the visual quality that, in short, contributed to the manufacture of products as well.

Input Lag and Power Consumption

Going straight to the point, this TV shows visible signals of an input delay that is equivalent to 33.9 ms by default. For those who do not know or what that means, you should only know what is necessary: ​​it negatively affects the image activity if it is not adapted or modified.

In regular scenarios, the TCL 75C807 consumes an average of 99 watts, but if set in low image mode, this consummation can go down a few steps and be set at 67 watts. A success that hits more with the ecofriendly and not so much with regular consumers, who do not expect a reduction in their electricity bill

As it is an LED TV, the model in question, at its maximum power, can consume up to 124 watts. However, to avoid these surcharges and – honestly – environmental abuse, it is best to activate the stabilizers before frolicking in front of this flat screen.

Pros: Why is the TCL 75C807 worth it?

In addition to the price, the image quality and color offered by this TV is the strongest point that customers claim, as well as the high-end technology reflected, for example, on the Roku remote control.

For those who truly enjoy marathon sessions in front of the television, it is a joy to know that this screen is made of Dolby Vision and incredible practicality regarding the series, movies, and other TV programs.

Cons: What is not worth the TCL 75C807?

Configuration details may be intricate at the time of installation. Also, the most frequent technical criticism of this device is sound. Not bad, but nothing special is achieved.


Although of lower performance than other TCL series, this model is claimed thanks to its elegant design, its bezels, and functionality. It is a screen that can be installed on any side and works accordingly of the equipment of its size.

The TCL 75C807 is for those buyers who are looking for a good 55-inch TV, comfortable and of good quality. Therefore, to compare prices and evaluate more specific features, users can check Amazon or, failing that, the TCL home page.

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